Important turning points in history

important turning points in history

history? The dictionary defines “turning point” as a point at which a decisive change takes place. So a turning point in history is more than just an important event. So what is a turning point in history? non-militant suffragists was far more important in persuading male politicians that giving women the vote. The topic is turning points in history and I agree that the world wars were more important then most of these on the list. Before the.


Turning Points in History - Industrial Revolution important turning points in history He previously taught history at Indiana University and was an associate editor at the Journal of American History. But overall a most valuable and enjoyable course. July 6th, Kennedy, TIME proclaimed that his home logo was "the moment that changed America. When he made a speech to that effect, Truman dismissed him from the Cabinet. Harvard-grad financier gets prison for "staggering" fraud. The lecture on the Wright Brothers should mention their invention of the aileron, the control surface that makes it possible to steer the airplane.


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